Technical Reports

Technical Reports Department Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Technical Reports Department Geodesy and Geoinformatics

The Technical Reports of the Department Geodesy and Geoinformatics harks back to the Technical Reports of the Institute for Photogrammetry and the Geodetic Institute.

Nr. 2006.1 (2006) : J. Engels:
Zur Modellierung von Auflastdeformationen und induzierter Polwanderung

Nr. 2004.1 (2004) : E. W. Grafarend:
Tensor Algebra, Linear Algebra, Multilinear Algebra

Nr. 2003.2 (2003) : D. Wolf:
Continuum Mechanics in Geophysics and Geodesy: Fundamental Principles

Nr. 2003.1 (2003) : D. Dettmering:
Die Nutzen des GPS zur dreidimensionalen Ionosphärenmodellierung

Nr. 2002.3 (2002) : H. Schade:
Neigungsbestimmung mit GPS für die Photogrammetrie

Nr. 2002.2 (2002) : Y. Kuroishi:
On the application of downward continuation of surface gravity onto the reference ellipsoid, to the geoid determination in mountainous areas

Nr. 2002.1 (2002): J. L. Awange:
Gröbner Bases, Multipolynomial Resultants and the Gauss- Jacobi Combinatorial Algorithms - Adjustment of Nonlinear GPS/LPS Observations

Nr. 2001.2 (2001): A. M. Abolghasem:
Numerical Modeling of Post-Seismic Displacement Fields

Nr. 2001.1 (2001): F. Butsch:
Untersuchungen zur elektromagnetischen Interferenz bei GPS

Nr. 2000.3 (2000): B. Voosoghi:
Intrinsic Deformation Analaysis of the Earth Surface Based on 3-Dimensional Displacement Fields Derived from Space Geodetic Measurements

Nr. 2000.2 (2000): P. Xu, E. Cannon and G. Lachapelle:
Mixed Integer Observation Models, GPS Decorrelation and Integer Programming

Nr. 2000.1 (2000): J. Banks, K. Kubik and Y.H. Lu:
Investigation into Digital Image Matching

Nr. 1999.6 (1999): F. Krumm und V. Schwarze (Hrsg.):
Quo vadis geodesia ... ? Festschrift for Erik W. Grafarend on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Nr. 1999.5 (1999): C. Kotsakis and M.G. Sideris:
The Long Road from Deterministic Collocation to Multiresolution Approximation

Nr. 1999.4 (1999): G. Fotopoulos, C. Kotsakis and M.G. Sideris:
Evaluation of Geoid Models and Their Use in Combined GPS/Levelling/Geoid Height Network Adjustments

Nr. 1999.3 (1999): J.H. Dambeck:
Diagnose und Therapie geodätischer Trägheitsnavigationssysteme. Modellierung - Systemtheorie - Simulation - Realdatenverarbeitung

Nr. 1999.2 (1999): Z. Martinec:
Continuum Mechanics for Geophysicists and Geodesists, Part I: Basic Theory

Nr. 1999.1 (1999): M. Sester, F. Krumm (Hrsg.) :
GIS-Forschung im Studiengang Geodäsie und Geoinformatik

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