GeoEngine - Geomatics Engineering (Master of Science)

3. Semester GeoEngine

Program: GeoEngine (Master of Science)
Semester: 3. Semester  
Module: 41250 Representation of Geodata
Instructor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Walter
Course Contents
Introduction to GIS, data capture (methods, data sources, hardware, data types and data structures), data administration (file systems, databases, data models), representation schemes, operations in databases, spatial access and data structures, official information systems
Recommended textbooks
  • D. Ian Heywood, Sarah Cornelius, Steve Carver, Ian Heywood: An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems, 2nd Edition 2002, Prentice Hall.
  • Christopher Jones: Geographical Information Systems and Computer Cartography, Addison Wesley Longman Ltd., Harlow, 1997.
  • Michael Worboys: GIS – A Computing Perspective, Taylor and Francis, 1995.
  • S. Aronoff: Geographic Information Systems: A Management Perspective, WDL Publications, Ottawa, Canada, 1991.


Lecture Notes
  • Introduction
  • Data Acquisition
    • GIS & Photogrammetry
    • GIS & Remote Sensing
    • Secondary Data Acquisition
  • Data Modeling
    • Geometrical Data Modeling
    • Topological Data Modeling
    • Thematic Data Modeling
    • Data Structures
  • Data Analysis
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