Photogrammetric Systems

Research Activities and Projects

Traditional photogrammetry and their sensors are changing. In addition to the well-known nadir camera systems, oblique cameras are now being used. Integrated acquisition systems combining high-resolution images with laser data acquisition are available for manned platforms. Such systems are imminent for unmanned platforms. Especially in the unmanned aerial vehicle segment, there are continuous further developments. In addition to the opertating carrier platforms, this applies in especially to all the systems installed for the 3D acquisition of object data. The latest applications are advancing into the field of millimeter-accurate 3D object acquisition from UAV. In this overall context, the following research questions emerge, which is examined within this working group:

  • Quality investigations of photogrammetric cameras
  • Is there a (photogram-)metric camera for UAV applications?
  • Georeferencing photogrammetric platforms
  • Direct georeferencing
  • General orientation and calibration algorithms and methods
  • UAV photogrammetry for engineering geodetic problems
  • Empirical test-field investigations
  • Combined image and laser data evaluation
This image shows Michael Cramer

Michael Cramer


Head of Research Group Photogrammetric Systems

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