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GEOENGINE - Airborne Data Acquisition

Airborne Data Acquisition (2nd semester)
Instructor Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Fritsch / Dr.-Ing. M. Cramer
Lecture Wednesday / weekly 10:45 - 12:15 Room: 24.01
Wednesday / weekly 12:15 - 13:00 Room: 24.01
Course Contents
airborne sensors (camera, laser, radar, GPS/inertial systems), sensor orientation, image data processing, interior and exterior orientation, orthophoto generation, aerial triangulation, 3D digital elevation models, virtual city models
Elementary knowledge of photogrammetry, film-based imaging, definition of orientation parameters (interior, exterior, relative), spatial resection, orthophoto generation, photogrammetric mapping applications, elementary knowledge in remote sensing
References (Monographs, Journals)
  • Fritsch, D. (03,05,07): Photogrammetric Week'0X. Wichmann Verlag, Heidelberg.
  • Mikhail, E.M., Bethel, J.S. , McGlone, J.C. (2001): Introduction to Modern Photogrammetry. John Wiley & Sons, New York, 479 p.
  • Schenk, T. (1999): Digital Photogrammetry. Vol. I, TerraScience, Laurelville, 428 p.


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lecture from Title mark out Screencast
15-Apr-2015 Brief Overview, Introduction
22-Apr-2015 Basic Math Relations
29-Apr-2015 Digital Mapping Cameras, part 1
06-May-2015 Digital Mapping Cameras, part 2
06-May-2015 Additional Lecture: How to Derive Collinearity Equation
13-May-2015 Digital Mapping Cameras, part 3
13-May-2015 Math Relations
20-May-2015 Camera Calibration
03-Jun-2015 Orthophoto Generation
10-Jun-2015 Bundle Adjustment
17-Jun-2015 Math Relations, part 2
24-Jun-2015 Math Relations, part 3
01-Jul-2015 AT, GNSS supported AT
08-Jul-2015 Extended AT, GNSS & inertial Data and Direct Georeferencing
15-Jul-2015 Cameras, Photogrammetric Restitution
17-Jul-2015 LiDAR


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Lab 1 - Airborne Image Orientation

Lab - Bundle Adjustment


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