Cooperation project between ifp and IGI

The research project SLAMantic is a cooperation between the Institute for Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics, University of Stuttgart and the company IGI, a provider for GNSS/IMU navigation for airborne and land applications. Especially for terrestrial applications like the control of construction machines, GNSS occlusion and multi-path effects can limit the quality of the estimated trajectory. In order to enable highly accurate georeferencing also for such difficult conditions, a LiDAR SLAM component is integrated to support the GNSS/IMU measurements. For this purpose, both a high precision scan matching component as well as an automatic filter to eliminate moving objects are developed.

Figure 1: Interface for data collection and monitoring

Reconstructed trajectory and LiDAR point cloud


This image shows David Skuddis

David Skuddis


Ph.D. Student

This image shows Dominik Laupheimer

Dominik Laupheimer


Research Associate

This image shows Norbert Haala

Norbert Haala

apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Deputy Director

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