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"Rectify It"  is a program to remove perspective distortions from an image. That is, the orthogonal angles of a rectangular figure are regenerated from an image. The program does not produce ortho images however, as it does not preserve the width to height ratio of an object. It has been specifically designed to rectify images of building facades to be later on mapped to 3D building models. You can see a movie created from such data here.
The software is based on Java and the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) API The software has been successfully tested on Sun Solaris and Windows NT, but it should run on any System capable of Java 2. 
"Rectify It" is free for non commercial purposes. Please contact the author for further information.


To give you an idea of the application I had in mind, I show you two examples of facade imagery before ...  
and after rectification. Click on the images on the right to see the full resolution images.  

Textured 3D Models

I also want to show an example for a texture mapped VRML model using rectified images. Click on the image on the right to view the VRML Model (requires a VRML browser).
created by Jan Böhm