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GEOENGINE - Image-based Data Collection

Image-based Data Collection (3rd semester)
Instructor apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. N. Haala, Dr.-Ing. M. Cramer
Lecture Thursday / weekly 15:45 - 17:15 Room: M 24.12
Wednesday /bi weekly 15:45 - 17:15 Room: 2.370

Course Contents

Close range sensors (CCD, CMOS, CIR), terrestrial LiDAR, Mobile Mapping Systems, direct and indirect solutions for spatial resection, simultaneous registration using SIFT and affine SIFT operators, RANSAC algorithms, SLAM problems, Structure-and-Motion, dense point cloud generation using image matching, fusion of LiDAR and image-generated point clouds, ICP algorithms


Elementary knowledge of mathematics, linear algebra, signal processing, statistical inference, photogrammetry and aerial data acquisition.
Recommended textbooks
  • Hartley, R., Zisserman, A. (2013): Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision, Cambridge University Press, 655p.
  • Szeliski, R. (2010) Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, Springer Verlag
  • Gonzales, R., Woods, R. (2007) Digital Image Processing


pdf icon  Lecture Notes:
lecture from Title mark out Screencast
20-Oct-2016 Introduction
27-Oct-2016 Introduction and Projective Transformation
03-Nov-2016 Structure from Motion
10-Nov-2016 Visit at IGI    
17-Nov-2016 Tiepoint Extraction and Matching
24-Nov-2016 SIFT Extraction and Matching
01-Dec-2016 Assignment Spatial Intersection
08-Dec-2016 Assignment Spatial Resection by DLT
15-Dec-2016 Relative Orientation by Essential and Fundamental Matrix
12-Jan-2017 Dense Stereo Image Matching
19-Jan-2017 Dense Multi View Matching
19-Jan-2017 Face Detection

pdf icon  Labs & Exercise Sheets:

02-Nov-2016 Project Planning, part 1
30-Nov-2016 Presentation of Project Proposals
07-Dec-2016 Camera Calibration
21-Dec-2016 Project Planning, part 2
11-Jan-2017 Data Processing
Seminar: presenations by the students
presentation from title mark out Presentation
1-Feb-2017 Project 3: 3D Reconstruction of Car
by Agnieszka Drynda, Joanna Górska & Ewelina Lara
1-Feb-2017 Project 5: 3D reconstruction of statue
by Penghua Lo, Ruiheng Xia & Riska Mustika
1-Feb-2017 Project 6: Fisheye versus normal lens geometry
by Mohammad Hossein Shoushtari
8-Feb-2017 Project 4: Cultural Heritage
by Paola Avila, Javkhlan Batbayar, Tuna Çapar & Hamidreza Ostadabbas
8-Feb-2017 Project 2: Grabkapelle
by Mariia Kokhova & Marinos Vlachos
8-Feb-2017 Project 1: 3D motion capture
by Kun Zhan, Chun-Yu Sheu & Yang Li



Exercises have to be delivered as MATLAB-code as well as documentation of the different processing steps including formulas as pdf-Document.